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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - unfortunately no longer with Alex Harvey (deceased) - but nonetheless a very slick band with a charismatic, energetic frontman in Maxxx. Great rockin songs and a dedicated fan base.  If you get the opportunity (these are rare)- they are a must see… you will love it - I guarantee!

Midst of Beauty

Got my prerelease copy of Michael Schenker’s new album - personally I love it - the more I listen to it, the more I like it and one of my images was used on the back cover!  I’m not enjoying the ‘cookie monster vocals’ as much these days - I’m listening more and more to good old fashioned […]

Chris Glen and the Outfit at Oran Mor

Chris Glen and the Outfit made their debut at Oran Mor, Glasgow on Monday - a great night with Maxxx Maxwell and Doogie White (Rainbow) lending vocals.  Logan and Tokyo supported. 
If you’ve never seen this group - you must make the effort. The show they put on is full of energy and humour.  The gigs […]


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For the full selection of photograph albums click here It should be fairly easy to navigate from there. I welcome any feedback - if you’ve enjoyed browsing any artists gallery especially, comments are accepted […]