Dumfries Ice Skating

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Forrest Estate Shooting Experience.

Gallery now added for the Forrest Estate Experience - please note more images will be added over the next few days!

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Forrest Estate Gallery

Forrest Estates

Had a great day on Saturday at the Forrest Estate Shooting Ground.

Forrest Estates

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Buccleuch and Queensberry Arms

Launch weekend for the Buccleuch and Queensberry Arms in Thornhill. 

A wonderful experience - what a great atmosphere, thank you again.  Please click below to go to your gallery…

Buccleuch and Queensbury Arms

Galloway Country Fair Scurry

Gradually I’m getting round to adding some shots - please ask if there’s any dog you’re looking for as I will not be posting every image.  I usually have several shots of the same dog.  I have popped a few snaps of people on here- that is just to help to identify your dog!

Galloway Country Fair

Galloway Country Fair

Pictures being added soon - from the scurry!

Jessica Foggett's winning spaniel - Indie

Drumlanrig 2013

A long time away -

Galloway Gundogs at Drumlanrig yesterday - only grabbed a few pics but here are a selection…

Below is Steve Blackwell’s Dog competing in the scurry.  

I think this is Tike - please correct me Steve if I’m wrong!

Steve Blackwell's Dog

September 1st

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Galloway Country Show - meet the dogs.

I am just processing the images from the Galloway Gundogs Scurry held at Drumlanrig this weekend.  The dogs were fantastic and there are some great images.  Please have a little patience - it takes a while to sort all the pictures.  I shall only be adding a selection - if there is a particular dog you are interested in please contact me and I’ll add more to the gallery.

Galloway Gundogs Scurry

Please keep checking back as more images will be added over the next few days…


The images on the site are relatively low quality.  If you are interested in higher resolution images without the watermark or prints, please contact me through the website or give me a call. 


(That one’s for you Cammy!)

More Galloway Gundogs

The gallery for Culdrain has been added. 

If there is a particular dog you’re interested in drop me an email i do have additional pics.  Please note images on the site are low resolution.  Click on the image below to take you to the gallery…

Gallway Gundogs

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